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The mission of the Ingham County Genealogical Society (ICGS) is to promote, encourage, make connections, and help provide information to persons interested in the research and study of family history and work to preserve our county and greater Mid-Michigan genealogical heritage.  
Attendance at membership meetings is not part of that mission or a requirement of membership to the Society.  We do, however, encourage all our members to assist in furthering the ICGS mission.  One way to do this is through the many volunteer opportunities around the county that work to preserve the area's genealogical heritage.  Manyof these opportunities can be accomplished from the comfort of your home - whether it is in Ingham County, Florida, or anywhere else in the world.
The below listing of volunteer opportunities have been catagorized by "On-Site" or On-Line".  Click the down arrow in the "Filter by Category" box to filter by location of project.  The On-Line projects are those that can be done from a computer anywhere - home, office, Michigan, Florida, etc.
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To conserve the limited space that we will have in the temporary office and thus keep as much of the collection as we can, we need to finish putting the information that is on the 5x7 card files onto the web. This is an index of what can be found in the various files (not a book list – mostly files in the file cabinet). If a member is very proficient with spreadsheets and setting up a “loader” sheet so we can batch add what Steve DePeel has already keyed in, we will just have to key in what has been added since Steve’s last entry. Otherwise, volunteers will be needed to key in the new data as well as what Steve has already saved.
Last Updated: 10 September 2020
The information currently available in the card catalog is incomplete. Volunteers are needed to determine additional information and if the item is also available online.
Last Updated: 10 September 2020